After Party


After Party shows a hundreds of french and belgian night clubs frontage, shot in daylight. Those nightclubs, still in activity, show themselves in a new light : neon and other sulfurous attributes from the nocturnal ambiance are replaced by a more standard and less glittery reality.
they become then quite neutral buildings in peri-urban or rural zones, in the middle of industrial area or sugarbeet fields. As Cinderella getting back to reality, those places of celebration, idealized by many teenagers, become void. Not without humour, and with a hint of nostalgia, the serie wants also to pay tribute to the sometimes overdecorated designs and visual codes claimed by those places. the project was awarded in 2016 by “Fidal Youth Photography Award“ and won a 5000€ grant.
The project was published in a book in 2018  (Headbangerspublishing, see book section of the website).