Hello, I’m François,
a parisian graphic
art director
& photographer.

Being working in the creative industry since 12 years, I specialized on graphic identities, editorial projects and art direction, giving some particular attention to typography.
Since a few years, i’m also developing an independant photographer activity, focusing on building up strong and consistent series. In 2015, my project “After Party“ got awarded from “Fidal youth photography award“.

I was born in Lyon in 1980 and graduated from Brussels based Saint-Luc School in 2003 (graphic design and typography department). In 2004, I joined Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research center based in Treviso Italy, an international thinktank dedicated to creativity, where i learned, experimented and worked among an international top creative community. Back in France in 2006, i settled as a graphic designer in Paris. Since then, i’ve been working for various range of clients, small studios, big agencies, free-lancing or being employed.

in 2015, while working at Betc i was lucky to be in charge of the redesign of the new identity of the renowned french retail store Galeries Lafayette, which was awarded twice on french art director club in typography and design section.



1980 born in Lyon
2003 Bachelor degree in graphic design and typography
Saint-Luc School (Brussels, Belgium)
2004 graphic designer – Fabrica, Benetton’s
communication research center (Treviso, Italy)
2006 graphic designer – o7/Via Reale
2007 Graphic designer/art director – Icone Paris
2011 graphic designer/art director – BETC
(Galeries Lafayette, Credit agricole, Aides, Lacoste, Sephora)
2015 Head of design – Marcel
(DS automobile, Groupama, Hepar, Pastis 51, Contrex, etc.)
2017 Free-lance graphic designer/photographer


2013 French art director club (typography)
Newman campaign / Future is Back
2015 French art director club x2 (typography & design)
Galeries Lafayette
2016 Fidal youth photography award
After Party (photography)
AFTER PARTY (photography)
Writing press : It’s Nice that (website & 2014 printed annual book), Fisheye printed magazine, Les Inrocks (website and printed magazine), Vice (website and printed magazine), Perdiz (printed magazine), Feature Shot (web), Trax (web), fastcodesign (web), La Boite Verte (web), L’Express (web), Grazia (web), Fubiz (web), wohnrevue (printed magazine), Moral Phobia book (printed book), Brain magazine (web), City Lab (web), Slate (web), untitledmag (web), be yeah (web), collater.al (web), Quartz Media (web)
Interview :
France Culture (radio) – 05/08/2014
“La grande table d’été“  (01“09“19)

France Culture (radio) – 31/12/2015
“Alors on danse ?“

France Culture (radio) – 01/07/2017
“Sur la route“(par Julie Gacon) 

Canal+ (tv) – 12/05/2015
“la nouvelle Édition“  (interview by Ariel Wizmann)
exhibition (collective):
december 2016 – Palais de Tokyo, Paris (France)
award ceremony of Fidal photography prize
february 2017 – Villa Noailles – Hyères (France)
Collective exhibition of architecture “La boite de nuit“
FAUBOURG (photography)
Press : Colors magazine, All good found